Soothe:  For the first two days post wax, if you experience irritation or prolonged redness, try applying a cold compress or a topical treatment. Also, be mindful to keep the area clean.

Exfoliate:  Exfoliating on a daily basis is essential for helping to prevent ingrown hairs. After hair removal, dead upper layers of skin can build up and trap hairs. When these trapped hairs can’t grow out, they grow back in, resulting in ugly bumps, which can be the early sign of ingrown hairs.

Treat:  As much as we try to prevent them, ingrowns can still happen as a result of tight clothing, leggings, the texture of your hair, and/or your skin type.  Apply a topical exfoliating product daily after you get out of the shower; this is when your skin is most absorbent for soaking up product. Use it once a day for  ingrowns, or twice a day for more stubborn ones.