Eye Lift Treatment | $15

This instant eye lift will tighten and firm the delicate skin tissue around your eyes. This treatment smooths fine lines and wrinkle, while brightening tired, dark eyes.

Extractions | $15

The removal of congestion, blackheads, in the pores.

Sensory Journey | $15

Begin your massage with our Sensory Journey. Relaxation begins as you chose the essential oil aroma to naturally enhance the benefits of your massage.

LED Light Therapy | $40

LED Light Therapy is particularly suitable for stimulating collagen production, while reducing inflammation, which makes it perfect to achieve healthy, glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Décolleté Treatment | $20

Microdermabrasion exfoliation on the chest.

Jelly Mask | $25

Let us chose together the peel off Jelly Mask that will change your skin after a single use. The mask dries and penetrates the complimentary serum deeper in the skin. I must try experience!

Dermaplaning | $45

This enhancements uses a surgical blade that exfoliates dry dead skin while removing the vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz”.

Glycolic Peel | $35

This enhancement is a superficial chemical peel that uses glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, to exfoliate the surface layer of the dry dead skin. Recommended for oily skin.

Microdermabrasion | $35

This enhancement uses a diamond-tip hand piece that is designed to gently exfoliate dead cells from your skin. At the same time, it will suction them off immediately. Often referred to as microdermabrasion.

Scalp & Neck Massage | $15

Let us help you completely unwind and relax during your facial with a calming and soothing scalp massage. 10 minutes

Nano Needling | $40

An amazing way to have advanced penetration of serum in to the skin cells. Temporary microscopic channels are created in the outermost layers of the skin that allows better absorption of serum into the skin. There is no blood or down time.

Eco Fin Hydration Treatment | $30

Hydration, massage complete renewal. A rich blend of jojoba, organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils to add hydration to the hands and feet leaving them soft and supple.