We have put together some of the best enhancements to add relaxation, pain relief and feel good to your massage.  These enhancements  will not shorten your massage time.  They are all done during your massage to enhance your experience.

Organ Detox | $11

A clockwise abdominal massage. This treatment stimulates vital organ health & promotes digestive health. Detoxifies body and mind, while helping to reduce stress on the lower back.

Sensory Journey | $15

Begin your massage with our Sensory Journey. Relaxation begins as you chose the essential oil aroma to naturally enhance the benefits of your massage.

CBD Spot Treatment | $15

See how using our healing salve reduces the inflammation or dull pain in a specific area can make you feel better. Great for arthritic fingers or lower back pain.

Sacred Stones | $30

Heated lava sea shells are skillfully combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience. They are deeply relaxing, boost circulation of the blood and restore a sense of balance to the mind and body.

Cupping Therapy | $20

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of cups. Please Note that cupping will leave red marks on your skin, and may cause small amounts of fluid or blood to appear at the site.

LED Pain Management Therapy | $40

Celluma LED Light Therapy is a modern approach to chronic pain management. Whether you suffer from arthritis pain, muscle strain, or an injury to the knee, wrist or back, light therapy can help to reduce inflammation and bring much needed pain relief.

Eco Fin Hydration Treatment | $30

Let this enhancement add hydration to dry skin. Our rich blend of jojoba, organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils adds hydration to the feet and arms leaving them soft and supple.